May Minamahal (1993), Aga Muhlach, Aiko Melendez

‘May Minamahal’ stars two of the most talented Filipino actors and maybe the most talented actors of their generation, matinee idol Aga Muhlach and Aiko Melendez. During the shooting of this movie, Aga and Aiko became real and reel life couple that was a celebrated relationship in the 90′s.

Carlitos’ almost perfect family was living a blessed life, when tragedy struck when their father suffered a heart attack and died. Being the only son, a big chip of obligation was put on Carlito’s shoulders and became the family’s bread winner.

Dedicating himself to his family, Carlitos is determined that he will help his family financially, to give food on top of their table, and help two younger siblings to continue the schooling. Along the way, Carlitos met a quirky young girl Monica, a niece of the canteen owner where Carlitos usually take his meals.

Carlitos was easily fell for the charms of Monica. He courted Monica and met her family of all boys. It was a happy union when, Carlitos introduced Monica to his family, problems came between him and his family. They are not so keen to Monica for Carlitos.

But being a man in love, Carlitos tried to fight for his relationship with Monica, did everything for his family to like her. But his sisters’  always give cold shoulders everytime Monica came in to their house.

It came to a point when Monica made Carlitos choose between her and his family. Monica said that she doesn’t like his family but will do everything because she loves Carlitos. She accepted all unkind words from his family but still, she stayed because of Carlitos.

Until Carlitos faced his family and need some explanations why they are so mean to his girlfriend. Even telling to his mother that, he will always dedicate himself to his family, he will never neglect any of his obligations, but he too needs to be happy and someone to take care of him.  He made sure that he will never leave them, but he will let someone be a member of their family.

As the story goes, it ended well, happy and moviegoers were thrilled that even in movies, the tandem of Aga and Aiko ended up married.

‘May Minamahal’ is the very typical Filipino love story that gives the ‘kilig’ feeling. Aga Muhlach was in his prime in the 90s that every girl swoon over his boyish look. Aiko Melendez on the other hand, was in the path of becoming one of the most important actresses in Philippine Cinema. The movie didn’t fail to give what the moviegoers want to see, a happy ending, and hope that somehow, in their life, a fairytale story like this will happen.

The directorial job of Jose Javier Reyes is incomparable. Simple, meaningful and really touched every single Filipino viewers. They can really relate to this movie with a setting that was really similar to everyday Filipino lives.

The most remarkable of all the acting here was Ronaldo Valdez’s character as Monica’s father.  Unforgettable lines in the movie was from Valdez’s character. With his acting and lines delivery, the movie gave Ronaldo Valdez a grand slam in all award giving bodies for Best Supporting Actor.

‘May Minamahal’ can now be categorized as a classic Filipino love movie that generations to come will enjoy.


  • Aga Muhlach
  • Aiko Melendez
  • Boots Anson Roa
  • Ronaldo Valdez
  • Agot Isidro
  • Aljon Jimenez
  • John Estrada
  • Caludine Baretto
  • Bimbo Bautista
  • Liza Lorena
  • Marita Zobel
  • Ogie Diaz
  • Nikka Valencia
  • Gina Levista

Directed by : Jose Javier Reyes

Written by : Jose Javier Reyes

Produced by : Star Cinema